Getting Started


An Introductory Course in How to Use Facebook and Twitter to Make a Difference in Our Democracy

The Need

The huge surge in activism following Trump’s election—starting with the massive Women’s March through the current raucous Congressional town hall meetings—reflects a passionate desire by many to get involved and to express themselves in new ways.

Many citizens—perhaps most specifically members of the more senior generations—know that social networks like Facebook and Twitter offer opportunities to participate in this new wave of democratic activism, however they are at a loss to understand these new forms of online media and networked communication.

The Approach

Rather than a tech tutorial that can get bogged down in the details of trying to explain iOS vs Android features, or MacOS vs Windows interfaces, this one-time workshop will provide a strategic survey, a practical, action-oriented overview of how these social media platforms work in the context of social action. This approach will empower people to use Facebook and Twitter effectively and in a way that complements other forms of political community organizing (such as calling Congress people, attending local meetings, etc.).


Subjects to be covered include:

  • Understanding Facebook and Twitter in general and best practices for news consumption (reading), self-expression (posting), and organizing (groups).
  • Key features of Facebook including profiles vs pages, the use of FB “native” images and videos, FB Live, FB Groups, FB Events and “social bookmarking”
  • Key features of Twitter including Moments, hashtags, the use of “@” vs “#”, Twitter Lists, trolls, videos & images
  • Creative recommendations (tools & tips)
  • Recommended resources for how to learn more in order to “keep going”

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